Sam Zoe RJ Mia back
Mia loved to build websites. With the help of her friend Sam, a zany artist, she had put together some stunning sites. So when Zoe came to her with a special request, she wasn't surprised. Zoe was a born entrepreneur, especially when it came to promoting her music. Online one night, Zoe stumbled upon one of Mia and Sam's sites, a geometry help-center. Using the site, Zoe's homework was a breeze. She decided to approach Mia and Sam. Why not build a bigger, better site that all kids could use for homework help? Zoe could even lay down some tracks to make homework rock!

Mia instantly said yes. There was only one thing missing: a face-man to spread the word. Zoe knew just the guy. Captain of the soccer team and student body president, her friend RJ knew just about everyone. A competitor and team player, RJ saw the site as a slam dunk! The four talents came together, and their site was born. A new site where kids could help kids, teaching and learning from one another - all laid down to a killer beat!