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I saw on the news that it’s already snowing in some parts of the country! That is definitely news that makes me happy. I got my board outta the garage and have been digging up all my other snowboard gear. I absolutely cannot wait for winter. My mom said I can pick a wall in my bedroom to hang my snowboard on. That means it’ll be on display year-round. The design is really cool—before I got my board last year, I probably dragged my mom around to see hundreds of them until I decided on this one.

I’ve been taking lots of pics lately as a way to kill time before board season gets goin’. All the practice has been paying off. I’m definitely getting better! Even though I don’t love fall, I have to say that the leaves on the trees totally photograph well! I’ll try to post some soon on the site so you can see what I mean.


Sooo, I thought of something else I really like about fall—all the new TV shows! It was a long summer without any new shows so I was glad when the new season started, especially since iCarly started back up! I won’t include any spoilers but the first episode was really funny! Anyone else know of good new shows I should check out? I heard the Wizards of Waverly Place is cool, but I haven’t watched that one yet. The premise seems a little wacky…maybe I’ll like it!


Ok so everyone knows I’m not the biggest fan of fall, but I am really really looking forward to all the great movies that are coming out. I’m not as into the big summer blockbusters so the fall lineup usually is more up my alley. Miyazaki’s newest movie, "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea," still hasn’t come out yet and it sounds like it won’t make it to the U.S. until 2009. Ah! I have been waiting forever. The Harry Potter was also moved back to next year—I know Sam was lookin forward to that one.

The Toronto Film Festival looks so cool. I can’t wait to go to a film festival one day.


Well, I have to (reluctantly) report that I did not take the plunge with surfing. I did pretty much master the skim board, though. My cousin has one and I picked it up pretty fast. Now that I’m used to falling a lot (ouch! wet sand can be really tough!) I think I’m really ready to try surfing.

I’m not gonna say a single word about going back to school, because I am NOT thinking about it all. ;)


One more comment about photography: last year, I couldn’t get a good setting for the fireworks. All of the pictures were blurry or too dark. This year, I think I got it figured out. Independence Day ’08 will be my true test!

I’ve been dying to go surfing, but it seems really hard. My mom thinks I’ll just hurt myself. Usually, I have no fear but big waves are sort of scary. Zoe says I just need a pep talk. Wish RJ were coming so he could teach me.


So I’m definitely making some progress with my photography. I loaded all my pics from May Day onto my laptop and spent hours editing them and stuff. I made this slideshow and posted it on my site. RJ loved it and showed it to the principal and she really liked it too. So now the school site is linking to MY slideshow. It’s funny because I am the one who built the school’s site, too.


Now that I’ve accepted springtime, I’ve been much more upbeat. I guess I kinda get used to one season and forget all the cool things I like to do in the next one. Anyways, it’s been nice to kick around my soccer ball and brush up on my skills.

I’ve also been sneaking around my favorite photography spots. Last year I was really into landscapes and nature shots. I love nature photography, but this year I’m challenging myself with people: action shots and portraits (when I can persuade someone into being a good sport).  May Day will be a great opportunity to catch people in action. I bet I’ll get some good ones at the dunk tank!


Spring is definitely here. I hung up the snowboard for the season. I’m always a little sad when I put my boarding stuff away for the year. I can’t wait for next year.

The nice weather means that a lot of flowers are blooming. As much as I miss winter, the colors make spring worth it.


I’ve really been trying to take advantage of the end of winter before snowboarding season is officially over. blah! On the upside, with the weather getting nicer I’ll be able to the take Rhinozilla out some more. I think I’m the only one who was happy when the groundhog saw his shadow.

I’ve already started getting ready for the science fair. Thinking of a cool and unique project always takes me a bunch of time, so I better get started. This year, I’m determined to use my technology skills to win first prize! W00t!


Itís already February and I havenít gotten one *good* boarding sesh in yet. It started out pretty cold in December, but the weatherís been going back and forth. We have a long weekend for Presidentís Day, so I made my dad promise to take me to the mountain. I better get some good powder already!

Other than snowboarding, Iíve mostly been hibernating from the cold. I donít mind though, because I keep myself busy with movies, video games and you know my favorite: the internet!


The snow is finally here. We got our first snow last week, and itís just about time to hit the slopes. w00t! I canít believe winter break is just around the corner. That means weíve got midterms coming up, too, ugh.

Iím so psyched to see all of the amazing movies coming out. December is the greatest month for movies. I canít wait to see Myazakiís new movie, Ponyo on Cliff, but itís not coming out until next summer. Iím reading everything I can find about it, and I think maybe I will sign up for Japanese lessons. Then I wouldnít even have to read the subtitles.


I feel like Iím the only one who still really misses summer! Itís not that I hate fall or anything, but it just feels like down time until it starts snowing and I can hit the slopes with my snowboard. I have to admitÖI l-o-v-e it when you step on a leaf and it makes that perfect crunching sound. Thatís probably my favorite thing about fall!

Halloween is pretty fun, too. We always have this contest for best costume. Iíve never won it but I totally want to. Iím gonna have to think of something really good this year. AND keep it top-secret. Thatís always the hardest part!