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I was all about the music in October, which is SO much fun—don't get me wrong. But I've made a pact with myself to buckle down with schoolwork in November. I'm calling it my November resolution. Haha Don't worry, I'll still be cranking out new songs, but I'm gonna make sure my homework is done before music, not vice versa. It's like an awesome incentive to get my work done. Does anyone else plan rewards for themselves when they complete their homework?


SO I just found out that Sams mom is letting him have another Halloween party. Last year's party was SO fun! But the best part of all is…Sam said we could play a few songs! I begged him to let us a play a few of the new ones—we are in DESPERATE need of some practice. Sam said the begging was not necessary. Lol He just had to clear it with his mom and she said it's fine as long as we play early enough.

Also on the music front, more and more of our new songs are up on the site as we finish them up. Some of the latest ones are Landforms, Rock Cycle, and my personal favorite, Telling Time. Be sure to check them out!


OMG so please, please check out my first new song in awhile—it’s called "Rock Cycle" and it totally rocks! Haha This next batch of songs is gonna be really good! The band needs a little more practice, but once everything with school settles down, hopefully we can get some gigs started back up. I can’t wait to play our new songs in front of a live audience!

Ooh and a bunch of new plants are blooming in my garden! I’ve got some peppers and I see an eggplant taking shape. The herbs have been going strong for awhile, and my mom actually made a pasta dish using some of my home grown basil the other day!


Now that I can practically smell the first day of school, I am motivated to enjoy Every Last Second of summer! Whether it’s hanging out by the pool, riding my bike around town, or chowing down on some corn on the cob, I’m doing my best to savor it all.

That doesn’t leave me spending too much time indoors, and…uh…updating this blog. But I HAVE been busy writing songs (you can do that by the pool) so keep your eyes open for some new songs coming verrry soon!


Another month, another BBQ. Seems like Memorial Day wasn’t so long ago and now the Fourth of July is already here! I am SO excited since I love fireworks.

There is so much to do during the summer (good) but it can be tiring (bad)! One night, I just went to sleep right after dinner. My mom says I should try to relax more—read a book or take a nap in the back yard. That would be so tough for me. But, well see…


I still feel full from all the good BBQ food I ate on Memorial Day! My parents and I went to the parade in town, which is sooo corny! Even though I grumble about going every year, I secretly like it. There are fireworks, music, and all my friends are around. It’s really not as bad as I make it out to be.

And now June is here and you know what that means! Summertime! I cannot wait for school to get out. We have countdowns going for everything from the last P.E class (9) to the last vocab quiz (3). I just have a feeling that this summer will be a blast and I can’t wait. Oops did I already say that? lol


My first annual Earth Day party was awesome!! It cannot have been better. I definitely feel better about myself and all the good I’m doing and I know other people feel good about it too.

I just love this time of year…everyone is in a good mood. I don’t care whether it’s the nice weather, the longer days, or the blooming flowers. Plus, it seems like there is always some kind of celebration. This weekend we have May Day and then a couple weeks later is Memorial Day. Mmm BBQs and fireworks! Can’t wait.


I’m really looking forward to Earth Day! Doesn’t all the great weather make you want to celebrate the Earth? I’ve got a whole party planned for me and my friends. First, everyone is going to bring old clothes so that we can donate them. Then, we’re each going to plant a tree. We’ll also bring all the bottles and cans we’ve been collecting to the recycling center. It’s all about making little changes that have a big impact.

On the music front I’ve been rockin’ out lately. Look for some new songs on the site in the next few months! They’ll be so rad.


Oooh it’s March and I just cannot wait for the first day of spring! We’ve already been having some nice spring-like days so I’ve been able to ride my bike a few times. Winter is good for one thing, though. Being indoors and kinda bored gave me a ton of time to think about one of my favorite holidays …well, I guess it is technically a holiday…anyhoo it’s Earth Day! And it’ll be here before we know it!

That reminds me, I have to talk to RJ about all my “green” ideas like, starting a compost, planting a veggie garden and bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. Everybody’s talking lately about “going green” … what are you and your family doing?


The holiday season is always super-busy, so Iím glad things are slowing down a bit. I spent practically all our family trip to the mountains preparing for our gig on New Yearís Eve. I hardly even studied for midterms!! Oops! Thankfully my mom reminded me in time to get some studying in.

So anyway, the performanceÖRJ set up a stage area for us and everything. It was the best night of my life! The food and celebration wasnít so bad either ;)


Just a few more days, and my family is going to the mountains for winter break! Iím completely pumped. Iíve already got a huge stack of mystery novels to take with me, and Iím going to work on some new songs, too, because guess what?? My band is playing on New Yearís Eve!

RJ is throwing a party and he asked us to play! I can hardly wait. Ever since I found out the New Yearís Eve news Iíve been kinda nervous, but also totally excited, too.

Itís time to go study. Iím gonna totally dominate midterms!


Ohmigosh! There is soo much going on. Weíve already been at school for a month, so the homework blues are totally kickin in. Summers are so fun, but I kinda like fall a lot, too. I love being outdoors. Going to pick apples and pumpkins is so fun! Plus, the leaves are changing colors and itís really pretty.

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah! Well, I have to say the Study Jams site is totally coming together!! I am SO psyched. Plus, my band is starting up again, which is great because I have, like, a million new songs in my head that I wanna try outÖ Well, maybe not a million, but ya know what I mean!

Oh, and I almost forgot about Samís Halloween party. Rock on! I wonder what to dress up as this yearÖ